Mahmoud Hossam


  • CloudInn (September '13 - November '14)

    I was responsible for developing the budgeting and online reservation modules as well as management dashboards, I also wrote the help system and assisted in bugfixing.


  • Height Converter

    An Android app that converts from feet/inches to centimeters and vice versa.

  • Blog

    A simple blog written in Python and uses MongoDB for storage.

  • CS253-blog

    A simple blog written in Django, uses PostgreSQL as a backend. This project is part of Udacity's CS253 course.

  • Twitter-Android

    A simple Twitter client for Android.

  • SayIt

    Given a word, this Android app gives the standard pronunciation for it, powered by Forvo.

  • Quotes

    A quote sharing web application, powered by Django and PostgreSQL.

  • Elmenus

    A simple CRUD application written in Node.js (Express.js).


  • Java

    • Android app development.
  • Python

    • Web Applications using flask and Django.
    • Web scraping using BeautifulSoup.
  • VB.NET

    • WinForms
  • Javascript

    • jQuery.
    • AngularJS.
    • Express.js
  • HTML and CSS

  • Version Control

    • Git.
    • Mercurial.
  • Linux

    • Ubuntu.
    • Mandriva.
    • Arch Linux.
    • Fedora.
    • OpenSuSE.
  • Databases

    • MySQL.
    • PostgreSQL.
    • MongoDB.
    • Memcached.
    • SQLite.

Education and certification

  • Graduated from the faculty of commerce, Ain Shams University (Class of 2014).
  • Completed secondary education with a total of 92.8%.
  • Attended a Java programming course in the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.
  • Oracle Certified Java Programmer, Version 6.
  • Received a certificate of accomplishment for completing Udacity’s CS101 course and a certificate of accomplishment with high distinction for completing Udacity’s CS253 course.